Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Dental Facilities

What makes RDH Temps, Inc different from other temporary dental agencies in New England?
   Unrivaled professionalism and accessibility set us apart.  Founded in 1979, RDH Temps is focused on providing a consisitently superior customer experience.

   We believe in the old-fashioned idea that customers want their calls answered right away by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Most of our personnel coordinators have been with RDH Temps for 10 years or more.  Diane Zack Seigal, founder, remains at the helm joined by Kerry Bastow.

   We also believe in empowering our staff with the best technologies, a highly streamlined process, and current knowledge of employment regulations.  We use a sophisticated, proprietary computer system enabling us to track and meet your requirements. We always have your information right  at our fingertips!

   RDH Temps, Inc. is one of the only dental temporary agencies in New England carrying full liability insurance (including general liability and professional liability), for the temporary Registered Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants. (Note: Licensed dentists working for RDH Temps, Inc are asked to carry their own malpractice insurance.)

What is the impact of using temps from a compliance standpoint?
   RDH Temps, Inc. can assist you in maintaining compliance with employment law, regulatory agencies, and insurance policies. Click here to learn more amout important issues facilities using temps should consider.

I know RDH Temps has flexible rates. How does this work?
    The dental facility will determine a base pay rate to offer based on prevailing wages in the area and other factors. The temp personnel can accept a position or decline.
RDH Temps, Inc. will employ the temps and take care of all employment law, tax code and insurance matters including FICA, Medicare tax, Federal unemployment tax (FUTA), State unemployment tax (SUTA), Worker's compensation and professional liability.
Facilities will be billed the agreed-upon pay rate plus a percentage for direct payroll costs such as taxes, employee insurance and payroll processing. Our low management fee will then be calculated as a percentage of pay and direct payroll costs.

What is included in the management fee?
-An in-person interview of each temp
-Collecting an I-9 with passport or social security card to verify eligibility to work in the U.S.
-Collecting a W4 form for proper withholdings
-Verifying licenses at hire and prior to expiration
-Performing criminal background checks
-Extensive live phone coverage Monday to Thursday from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Fridays from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and quick callback service throughout the weekend.
-The largest database of temps and the proprietary technology that allows us to match a temp to your requirements quickly.
-Representatives in your area available to meet with you at your location.

Beside fill-in work, are there other advantages to using temporary workers?
    Many savvy dental facilities realize that the employer/employee relationship is a serious commitment. There are many costs beyond hourly wages, such as the employer portion of taxes, professional liability insurance, and the rising cost of benefits. When the employer/employee relationship ends there can be negative consequences for the dental facility. Depending on the circumstances of the end of the employment relationship, dental facilities may find themselves on the hook for higher unemployment taxes or even at risk of a wrongful termination suit.

    Many dental facilities prefer to have RDH Temps, Inc. be the employer of the dental personnel; either for a few days (with our Temp Before Perm program), a few weeks or long term. In fact, one popular option is to have RDH Temps, Inc. become the employer through the trial period, even if the facility did not find the candidate through RDH Temps. This allows the facility to end the assignment at any time, for any non-discrimanatory reason.

Why should I use RDH Temps instead of using help wanted for my dental personnel search?
    RDH Temps has a large database of personnel, many of whom are working exclusively with RDH Temps, who are seeking the right opportunity. We collect an extensive profile on each candidate and each dental facility, so we will only refer candidates who are likely to be hired by you. With RDH Temps, you only pay if you find the right match. If you use want ads, you must screen every candidate - a time consuming process that could be better spent with your patients! Our low permanent placement fees can cost less than you would pay in classified advertising costs!

Is RDH Temps, Inc. accessible to me when I need service?
    Our office is staffed from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday and from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Fridays. Also our phones are monitored throughout the weekend and on holidays to provide prompt service.

How do I know if I need to pay RDH Temps, Inc a fee for a permanent placement or a returning temp?
    Once an RDH Temps, Inc employee has worked in your office, or you have been introduced to an employee of RDH Temps, Inc, via phone call or resume, the dental personnel can return to your facility only if the agency fee (temporary or permanent) is paid to RDH Temps, Inc. This condition applies for a period of one year after the last date our employee has worked or had contact with your office (and applies to working for your facility directly or through another temporary agency.) Please refer to Article 4 of Agency/client Agreement for further clarification.

When do overtime rates apply?
    Overtime rates will be billed if an individual temp works more than 40 hours at your facility in a work week. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule with the dental temporary.

What are the payment options?
   Payment is by ACH or credit card. If you have been approved for a line of credit, payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Finance charges of 1.5% per month will be charged on invoices unpaid for more than 30 days.

    RDH Temps does not charge a cancellation fee if the day is cancelled before the temp arrives.  If you fail to give adequate notice of a cancellation and your temp reports for work, you will be billed the following in accordance with state laws:  CA: Ĺ the scheduled day (at least 2 hours, max. 4 hours), CT: 1 hour, MA: 3 hours at minimum wage, NH: 2 hours, RI: 3 hours. Your bill will be only for the tempís pay plus the direct payroll expense and management fee percentages.  
   On occasion a dental facility may have a last-minute patient cancellation while a temp is onsite, causing the temp to be idle.  Please remember that labor law requires that the temp be paid for this time, unless they are sent home early or the time can be used for the temp’s lunch break.  You may also use the time to have the temp help out in other ways.

*The above information may constitute an amendment to your agency/client agreement. Please retain for your records.
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