Flexible Rates

Overview of Flexible Rates
The dental facility will determine a base pay rate based on prevailing wages in the area and other factors. The temp personnel can accept a position or decline.

As always, RDH Temps, Inc. will employ the temps and take care of all employment law, tax code and insurance matters.

Facilities will be billed the agreed-upon pay rate plus a percentage for direct payroll costs such as taxes, employee insurance and payroll processing. Our low management fee will then be calculated as a percentage of pay and direct payroll costs. Call for specifics.

New Overtime Policy
Our new overtime policy (effective March 1, 2009) gives offices the flexibility to adjust to schedule changes.

A dental facility will be billed for overtime only when an individual temp exceeds 40 hours in a week at that facility.

Temps working for RDH Temps, Inc. for more than 40 hours in a work week will be paid overtime. (Temps may not work overtime without prior express written permission from RDH Temps, Inc.)

Financial Impact to Facilities
RDH Flexible Rates represent a whole new way of doing business. In comparing daily totals for temporary services against our prior fixed rates, in some cases totals will go up slightly, in others totals will go down. With flexible rates RDH Temps, Inc. will no longer be required to enact rate increases every year or two in order to keep current with the market.

Facilities will find that daily totals for assistants and administrative staff will be reduced across the board under flexible rates. With hygienists, daily totals will be less than before for short days or long days (since there is no more daily overtime.) The specific break-even points depend on the agreed-upon base pay rate. In certain geographic areas where the prevailing wage is 10% lower than the norm, the daily total will be lower under all scenarios.

Financial Impact to Staff
The idea for Flexible Rates came in response to calls we often recieved from staff in areas where the prevailing wages were significantly lower than our fixed rate. The caller often said they would be happy to work for a lower rate if it meant more work. In other areas, we had the opposite problem - we were unable to attract temps to fill jobs because what we paid was well below the prevailing wage. We realized that we could stop dictating rates and let the free market work its magic.

Temps are under no obligation to take the rate that is offered. If they would be willing to take the job if the rate were higher, they can submit a counter-offer which will be presented to the facility if nobody takes the job at the offered rate. Facilities may offer a higher rate for a particular temp they have had before and especially liked. This market-driven approach will ensure that in hard economic times staff still get the opportunity to work, and that when demand for quality dental personnel is high, base pay rates will reflect that.

"The response to our new flexible rates has been overwhelmingly positive from both dental facilities and our staff. Many facilities told us they love how our proportional management fee combined with the elimination of daily overtime gives them more flexibility in using our temps to achieve coverage they need.

The fact that facilities are now able to set a base pay rate that is appropriate for the specific requirements of the job in the specific geographical area isn't just great for the facilities; our staff in some regions are already seeing that when facilities have the option of paying based on prevailing wages, the opportunities to work increase dramatically."

Kerry Bastow
RDH Temps, Inc.

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