Looking for something more permanent in your life?

We fill hundreds of permanent positions each year!!!

          RDH TEMPS, INC. offers:
  • Help with your permanent Placement needs
  • Permanent placement specialists for your area available days and evenings
  • A database of full and part-time positions
  • Confidential Searches
  • Jobs available in CA (Los Angeles and Orange Counties), MA, NH, CT, RI
  • Working interviews available, upon request

Permanent Placements
Looking for just the right employee to enhance your staff? Permanent placements are now being coordinated by Patti and Sara. They maintain a database of dentists, hygienists, assistants and receptionist/office managers looking for permanent placements and match them to the needs of dental facilities searching for the right person to blend with their current staff. Searches are confidential, according to your needs. Temp Day Interviews can be arranged – a prospective employee temps in the facility for a day or two in order to assess how well everyone would work together. Call our main office toll-free at 1-800-462-8367 or 1-888-RDH-TEMP and ask for a permanent placement coordinator to activate your search. As in the past, if a temporary placement is a match when you weren’t necessarily looking for something permanent just let the office know. Nothing pleases us more than seeing the perfect match come together!

Perms on Trial
Often, we find that our clients prefer to have a prospective permanent employee temp for a day or two. This gives the Doctor and the office a feel both for how that person will fulfill their responsibilities in the office and how they fit in with the rest of the staff. Once you have interviewed someone through us who is a potential match, just let one of your Permanent Placement Coordinators know what date(s) you’d like that person to do a temp interview in your office. We will put the day in our schedule and handle it just as we would a regular temp position. The candidate will bring a timeslip for you to sign, we will process the paycheck and you will be billed at our usual daily rate. Afterward, if you’ve “found the right match” , the permanent placement can be finalized

Permanent Placement Terms
We use a very simple formula in setting our permanent placement fee. The rate is the same whether we place a hygienist, assistant, or a receptionist/office manager in your facility. The fee is based on how many days per week your new employee will be working in your facility. To hire an employee for one day per week the fee is $550, two days $1,100, etc.  We now offer a discount rate of $475 for a half day (4 hours or less) or one day every other week. The rate to hire a dentist or associate is $1,500 multiplied by the number of days per week they will be working.   If the placement fails to last, we will rebate a portion of the permanent placement fee on the following schedule: 75% if the placement ends within the first 30 days, 50% if it ends within 60 days, and 25% if it ends within 90 days.

Personnel and Practice Management Help
RDH Temps, Inc. recommends the Peak Personnel System, a toolkit containing nearly everything you need for personnel management. Click here to learn more!

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