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Dental Personnel

Where in the World is …
    RDH Temps, Inc? We now provide temporary and permanent staffing services in California in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Please call our office, TOLL FREE at 1-800-462-8367. We provide phone coverage during early morning and evening hours, as well as weekend coverage to be able to assist you in a timely and efficient manner.

Getting the Most Work
    Want to work all you can? Sign up for Job Alerts and Check in with RDH Temps, Inc. on a very regular basis. Call weekly, call daily, call up to three times per day…..if there’s work available that you can go to, you may be offered it first. We never know what the next call may be, so don’t assume if you call once and there is nothing to suit you, more won’t come up. When an assignment is completed you should be sure to check in with us. Failure to do so, could result in your status becoming a “voluntary quit.” You want work and we want to place you, what could be better? Please remember: you may not work more than 40 hours per week, without the express permission of RDH Temps, Inc.
    Also, it is important that we have an up-to-date profile for you. This includes your regular availability, the towns you prefer to travel to, and your skills, experience and specialties. Current documentation of licenses, immunizations and certifications will make you eligible for more jobs, as many facilities have additional requirements in this area. To be eligible for the most number of jobs you can become an A.C.E. (Additionally Credentialed Employee.)

Come Again?
    It is not uncommon for an office to ask you to come back for future days when you are temping in their facility. If you are able to make a commitment for specific days while you are there simply pick up the phone and give RDH Temps, Inc. a call.  We will gladly put the booking right into our schedule. All confirming can be done at one time. If you are not able to make a definite commitment or the days needed are unspecific, please do the booking through RDH Temps, Inc. Do not give the offices your home or cell number.
    We will always contact you immediately if a facility specifically requests you. Remember, if we receive a timecard for a day that we did not have in our schedule, we must reconfirm with the facility before pay can be issued.
    Also, keep in mind that your agreement with RDH Temps, Inc. states that you may not work in that office unless it is through RDH Temps, Inc. temporary or permanent placement services. This condition is in effect for one year from your last interaction with the office, be it a temp day or when your resume was sent. Without the protection of this agreement, RDH Temps, Inc. would not be able to operate to serve dental personnel seeking employment.
    As always, if a temporary placement is a good match for a permanent position, call RDH Temps, Inc. office to let us know. We love these surprises. It’s great to see a good match come together!

Dentists Doing Dental Hygiene Positions
    Please note that the professional liability insurance we carry covers those who have a dental hygienists’ license or no license (dental assistants/administrators). Licensed Dentists should provide their own malpractice insurance whether you are doing dental hygiene or dentistry.

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