Love that temp?
Often a temporary will come into your office and there will be a nice match. You may want to have them back for other openings you know you have coming up. If the Temp is still in your office and is able to make the commitments for the day(s) you need, call RDH Temps, Inc. while you are both together so we can verify everything with both of you at that time. We do need to speak with both parties to be assured that communication on all sides is accurate. If the temp is not in your office at the time, please call RDH Temps, Inc. to request the dates and times, along with the name(s) of who you would like. We ask you not to call the temps at home. If the temp works out well, and you are interested in making a permanent placement with that person, please call the office to firm up the terms and arrangements.

Keeping temporary employees on the job
Although there are important differences between temporary employees and regular employees, certain practices make good business sense with any employee. Every temporary employee, whether hired for the day, a week or indefinitely, should receive the following

Reproduced from HR Magazine, Alexandria, VA April 1997

Keeping it straight
Remember that once you have been introduced to a temp through RDH Temps, Inc., either from temping in the office or by us forwarding their resume, they may only return to work in your office through RDH Temps' temporary or permanent placement services. This condition is in effect for one year following your last interaction with the temp and applies to both working through another placement agency and working directly for the dental office

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